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Community Requests

Samuel is requesting
Ask Me Hard Bible Questions
I'm looking to discuss hard Bible questions. I'm a Chaplain in training and this is good training for me. Ask anything and I mean anything and I will try to give you the best Biblical answer that ...

I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.
Mercicit is requesting
Social media manager
Job Description: Do you tweet, share, and post to social media in your sleep? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? We're looking for a social media manager to manage our socia...

An Avenue to network and exchange services globally
Davida is requesting
help learning Zoom, and other tech
i'm needing computer tutors! help. i've got lots to share and did not grow up with the technology. i need patient people who will help me get each step written out so i can follow and repeat stuff ...

heart centered, cooperative giving community supports life. it takes a love village. <3
Jason is requesting
Need help with video chat app tests
I am trying to figure out which apps are viable for a project I want to do with a video chat platform. You would need to either have or be willing to try a few different applications to do a video...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Dan is requesting
my book covers in iconic images!
I want my book covers in iconic images! I'm thinking of the John Cusack scene from Say Anything, Norma Rae and the union sign, the flag on the moon perhaps, stuff that is cool and people would e...

I love life, community, helping people, mutuality, peace, sustainability, social justice, daydreaming, coolness, happiness, teaching, writing, spreading awareness, inspiring goodness, veg eating, a...
Green Earth Vision is requesting
doodly videos
our non-profit Green Earth Vision would like to inspire a new economy and give those with monetary wealth a chance to leave a legacy vs. work hard and continue with failed relations and stress. Thi...

We specialize in whole systems which is what's needed right now to mobilize the New Paradigm movement.
Lovre is requesting
Please let me know is there a God?
I'll need hard evidence and an elaboration if you want my 1 simbi. this God guy could maybe be your pet...i don't know

Opening opportunities and making various resources available for just about anyone.
Maria is requesting
Mobility Training Wanted!
I'm looking for someone who's willing to do a personal training session with me centered on strength and mobility. I've been seeing a lot of free exercises on social media for not only increasing r...

Capitalism has ruined everything. It's so hard to break away from, but let's try! Slowly but surely!
Alex is requesting
Marketing for my Tango Business
I teach tango in Detroit. I am a dancer, I am a teacher. But I'm not a marketer. I would LOVE to have someone help with any amount of what is necessary to build a community and get the word out,...

I love community building and skill sharing and trading!
Matthew is requesting
Can You Convert a PDF to Kindle?
I'm looking for someone to convert my PDF Travel/Food Guide to a Kindle-ready format to sell on Amazon. If you have experience in this realm please contact me. Thanks! MG

I'm excited to use Simbi because there a lot of talented people out there who have much to offer.
Sally is requesting
Website development
I'm looking for a website developer who can help me get set up with a new site for my Health Coaching practice. I want this project to be super creative and fun! I would be able to do a lot of t...

I just found this site and am stoked about trade! Let's build a world where we exchange skills more!
Davida is requesting
help by zoom? for word press
seeking a word press tutor/guide. someone with patience, as i am less than tech savvy. i write, am published but need to do more. would do a blog if i could learn how, step by step. let me know in...

heart centered, cooperative giving community supports life. it takes a love village. <3
Kay is requesting
Help me with my Business profile!
Looking for help on what to do/add to my social media presence to help get my business followers. I'm looking for help in creating a following for my small business. The items I'm making I'm rea...

I'd love to get to know fellow artists & help support each other! Let's connect and make friends!
Crys is requesting
Update my pineapple logo
I need a new pineapple character for my logo. I've been using an image from a friend which is fun but not meeting my needs. I switched temporarily to a new figure (glasses), but I really need somet...

I'm excited to share my expertise. Let's work together to make everyone's life run more smoothly!
Andre is requesting
A better logo for my research
Grad student looking for a fun logo that represents my research --- Background After the research is done, it's important for researchers have to publicize their work. Traditionally this was do...

Always looking for interesting problems to solve.
Katherine is requesting
Medical Coding/Billing Fact Checker
Hi Simbi, I'm writing a novel! My protagonist is a medical coder (or maybe a medical biller, I don't know yet), but I don't know anything about the job. Are you a medical coder or biller? Or have y...

Sometimes you have more skills in your brain than cash on hand, you know? Eager to share my knowledge and skills with others, and to connect with people from all over in a more serendipitous and m...
Susa is requesting
Looking for Book Promotion
Hi everybody! I am (among other things) a self-published Kindle Vella and am looking for marketing and promotion for my various ebooks. Kindle Vella is a serial publication format that is cur...

Diarra is requesting
Need it urgently
I need someone to draw me a big baobab it's for the cover of a children's book I need it urgently, if you can do it in 2 days contact me quickly please. I would like a baboab like in the photo...