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Community Requests

Keith is requesting
Calling B2B List
We are a virtual business consulting company that help small business owners grow their company. We had a brick and mortar but thought it would be better to go virtual due to the Covid pandemic. We...

My Availability Hours ( I'm Central Standard Time in US) Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm
Tristan is requesting
Need feedback on scene from a book
I am writing a psychological thriller, which will be published soon. I need feedback on the scene for scare factor. Also your feelings while reading it. Bonus points for anyone who watched the new...

Krystophe is requesting
Help Creating Base character
I'm looking for an digital artist to help me create a base character for a NFT collection. I have limited experience with digital art however i have great concept ideas and drawings to base the cre...

simbi is a great web space to share your skills, needs and products you have with the world. I am exited to start using this new alternative exchange system moving a step forward toward new earth.
Yodassa is requesting
I need a Twitch Mentor!
Hello! How did you start your channel? Can you help me with mine? I would love to start streaming reactions to films and pop culture events via twitch, and do the thingy where I can then use th...

I love the idea of a community of skilled people helping each other.
Simbi Community Development is requesting
Help us squash bugs on Simbi!
If you provide a useful bug report for something you see going wrong with Simbi, we want to reward you with simbi credits! Generally, a good bug report will contain as many as possible of the fo...

Simbi's nonprofit mission is to promote volunteership, mutual aid, education & community development
Live Well Tasmania - CENTs is requesting
CENTs Local Area Coordinator
We are looking for local CENT traders to lead the program in your community with support from a mentor. Facilitate gatherings and assist locals to set up their accounts. Local promotions using pre...

Our mission is improving the health and wellbeing of our community
Christopher is requesting
I am looking for containers I can use for my geocaching hobby. If you can help with this please let me know. Containers can be anything from film canisters to pill bottle containers. We can arrange...

I am creative and like to try new things. I am interested in using the barter system. Inflation may put the barter system back into play. It is great to interact with new people. Simbi is one of my...
Melissa is requesting
I am looking for a Weight Watchers
I just joined Weight Watchers about a month ago and would love a buddy to do it with me :)

I love the idea of trading talents :) I think it's a helpful way of sharing without out spending. I am excited to teach and learn from others. Please feel free to message me asking for my services!
Christopher is requesting
Geocaching Containers
I am looking for either empty film canisters or pill pottle containers for a scavenger hunt game I play called geocaching. I need to replace many of the game pieces I have put out over the years. S...

I am creative and like to try new things. I am interested in using the barter system. Inflation may put the barter system back into play. It is great to interact with new people. Simbi is one of my...
Dylanna is requesting
Subjects for Sports Articles
As a writer for Best Version Media, I'm looking for athletes, and athletic organizations to write about. This can include Sports businesses, gyms, martial arts studios, supply shops and so much mor...

Simbi is a community of people with diverse skills, talents, and views. I'm excited for more chances
Janice is requesting
Erhu tips (Violin Cello bowing)
Hello Simbi! I ordered an erhu from China. An erhu is a 2 string, bowed instrument sometimes called the Chinese fiddle. I would like some assistance with bowing and rosin information. This is ...

Good people trying to make a positive effect on others. Various skills and services! ♫•*•♫•*•♫•*•♫
Dylanna is requesting
Market Book on Smashwords
"Pendulum Instructions; Getting the Answers You Need" By Starria Roe and edited by Dylanna Fisher is a valuable asset to many starting out their spiritual journey. We just need help getting the mes...

Simbi is a community of people with diverse skills, talents, and views. I'm excited for more chances
Watermelen is requesting
Discuss virtual reality products
Hey there, I am interested in your opinion on the various headsets and input devices that are available now in stores. I am wanting to chat or do a zoom call 🤙🏼 or another form of conversation like...

I am interested in what you have to offer and look forward to finding amazing things here on Simbi.c
Maren is requesting
Simple, clean digital art
hi, I'm working on a recipe binder for my partner's birthday, and I want some digital art I can print out and slide into the cover. I'm picturing a pot/cauldron with food around it, and electricity...

This place seems so fascinating! Alternative currencies and weird economies have always seemed cool to me. I have a lot of skills I want to offer, let's see if anyone is interested!
Metamimicry is requesting
Find us a research paper
We are looking for bioremediation research papers for constructing our digital library which can be found at Examples can be found there as well. Right now th...

To explore accessible biological solutions for our time’s most pressing environmental pollutants.
Jessa is requesting
Grow a garden for beginners
I’d like to start growing vegetables and fruits in my yard. The zone I’m in is 8a … I’m not sure what other info is needed but I do have a fox and raccoon and a few very healthy mice who I’ve seen ...

Simbi is an amazing way to connect with others and work together. I love this service! <3
Ludmil is requesting
Help with remote viewing
I am looking for someone experienced with remote viewing and telepathy to help me develop my psychic abilities

I can offer my skills to people
Amaya is requesting
Need Help With Social media
Hello I am needing help with removing my information off Google search for everyone to have access to it. I want to have a more discreet online profile where others cannot have such easy access. I ...

To expand my services to help others