Meet the Simbi Team

David Anderson


David creates, builds, and consults for non-profits, social enterprises and interesting startups. His professional background is in tech entrepreneurship, as applied to positive change, first in the blogging world, next in the crowdfunding world, and since 2013 has focused on the realm of non-speculative digital community currencies. David is the President of Simbi's Board of Directors.

Paul Meville


Paul committed to help Simbi survive starting in 2018, stepping in financially to keep Simbi running & provide an opportunity for it to grow and thrive. He is dedicated to building a world where healing and mutual support within the community are more central and we all live in balance with the world around us. Deep down, Paul believes we all want that and, with Simbi, it feels like a reality we are all shaping together. Paul is the Treasurer of Simbi's Board of Directors.

KJ Erickson


KJ believes an economy that works for everyone is within reach. She holds a degree in Public Policy from Stanford University and an MBA from Oxford. When she was 20, KJ founded FORGE -- a social venture that provides education and entrepreneurship opportunities to refugees in war-torn Africa -- and grew the organization to 200 people serving 70,000 refugees. Her awards include the Skoll Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship, the Do Something Award for public service, and the Stanford Haas Public Service Fellowship. KJ has also been named a “Top 40 Leader Under 40” by the New Leaders Council and a “Person You Should Know” by CNN. KJ's full name is Kjerstin, and she gets incredibly excited when someone knows how to pronounce it.

Nick Zhebrun


Nick is a full-stack senior software engineer with 15 years experience focused on e-commerce and marketplaces. He holds a PhD in Computer Science, and can learn any programming language in 10 days. He is an avid musician, playing electric guitar and singing in a rock band and maintaining 80s rock star hair. Prior to architecting Simbi, Nick spent 5 years as a Senior Software Engineer in charge of Marketplace Integration for Better World Books, an eCommerce 500 company which scaled from $16m to $50m in sales during his tenure. After that, Nick spent 2 years as Lead Developer, Business Logic for Off Grid Electric.

Artem Kozaev


Artem was born in the frigidly cold north region of Russia, where you can see the northern lights in the winter and the white nights during the summer. A software engineer by trade, he holds a Bachelor's in Information Technology and a Masters in Software Engineering. When he isn’t staying up till 4am charging through tickets, you can find him watching soccer (especially BPL) — and sometimes even getting out to play it. Artem also loves good television, especially The Office and The Daily Show religiously. His Russian personality shines through in his love for dystopian fiction authors like Orwell, Huxley, and Strugatsky. He currently works mostly in Ruby on Rails, while maintaining a background in JAVA and .Net.

Will Salinas


Will is an audio enthusiast with a BA in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, GA. After obtaining his degree, he left the Deep South for Northern California in pursuit of the “NorCal” vibe. There, he worked for Prairie Sun Recordings doing client support and developed critical listening skills allowing him to meet client needs. Loving his work in customer service, Will flew to Nicaragua to work for Delta Security as their Commercial Coordinator & Supervisor of the Electronic Security Department. Soon after, he joined Simbi where he is in charge of Member Care. Besides solving problems for Simbi members, Will also enjoys matching them up with someone who can make their lives a little bit better.

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