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Community Requests

Giulio is requesting
Spanish or French conversation :)
Hello Simbi community! I would like to chat in Spanish or French with a fluent speaker (not necessarily native!). I'll offer 10 simbis for the first chat, and let's see after that how it goes :) ...

I love the idea of an online platform for exchanging goods and services with other users!
Christopher is requesting
Facebook total people reached.
I just want to know, on Facebook when it says my post on a page has reached a certain amount of people, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean they saw the post? I have created many Facebook ...

I am creative and like to try new things. I am interested in using the barter system. Inflation may put the barter system back into play. It is great to interact with new people. Simbi is one of my...
Aïta is requesting
Integrate payment API to a website
Hello everybody, I am looking for someone that can help me integrate à payment gateway to my website. The API is named Wave. If you are interested please reached out.

What a great community it is.
Cedes is requesting
Make Artwork to 3D Printed Stamps
Looking for my artworks to be turned into stamps that I can use for pottery. I use tinkercad and cura, if i could have both those files that'd be preferable! I can print them myself at a local ...

Let me throw my artwork at you, and I'll see what gets thrown right back at me! The possibilites on here seem endless, and I'm entirely excited.
Caitlin is requesting
Youtube Channel
Hi everyone, I just created a new YouTube channel recently pertaining to truth, consciousness and spirituality! Sharing here for anyone interested in listening or following. Thank you for your supp...

Grateful to connect to the divinity within all!
Samuel is requesting
Ask Me Hard Bible Questions
I'm looking to discuss hard Bible questions. I'm a Chaplain in training and this is good training for me. Ask anything and I mean anything and I will try to give you the best Biblical answer that ...

I'm excited to connect and serve people as a Chatplain here on SIMBI. Ask Bible Questions or Prayer.
Mercicit is requesting
Social media manager
Job Description: Do you tweet, share, and post to social media in your sleep? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? We're looking for a social media manager to manage our socia...

An Avenue to network and exchange services globally
Davida is requesting
help learning Zoom, and other tech
i'm needing computer tutors! help. i've got lots to share and did not grow up with the technology. i need patient people who will help me get each step written out so i can follow and repeat stuff ...

heart centered, cooperative giving community supports life. it takes a love village. <3
Green Earth Vision is requesting
doodly videos
our non-profit Green Earth Vision would like to inspire a new economy and give those with monetary wealth a chance to leave a legacy vs. work hard and continue with failed relations and stress. Thi...

We specialize in whole systems which is what's needed right now to mobilize the New Paradigm movement.
Maria is requesting
Mobility Training Wanted!
I'm looking for someone who's willing to do a personal training session with me centered on strength and mobility. I've been seeing a lot of free exercises on social media for not only increasing r...

Capitalism has ruined everything. It's so hard to break away from, but let's try! Slowly but surely!
Davida is requesting
help by zoom? for word press
seeking a word press tutor/guide. someone with patience, as i am less than tech savvy. i write, am published but need to do more. would do a blog if i could learn how, step by step. let me know in...

heart centered, cooperative giving community supports life. it takes a love village. <3
Susa is requesting
Looking for Book Promotion
Hi everybody! I am (among other things) a self-published Kindle Vella and am looking for marketing and promotion for my various ebooks. Kindle Vella is a serial publication format that is cur...

Green Earth Vision is requesting
Help us build our new Social Media
We are setting up our social platform, education courses, groups, training, solutions, panel of experts, culture code, and much more on a new app called We have an ecosystem o...

We specialize in whole systems which is what's needed right now to mobilize the New Paradigm movement.
Chris is requesting
Logo design
I am a personal trainer looking for help with designing a logo for my portfolio website. I have an idea of what I need and I can share a list of logo examples with descriptions. The outcome I...

I would like to use a significant part of my resources to help other people.
Susa is requesting
Looking for Reader Review
Hi, I have several serial novels published on Kindle Vella. This is a US platform where you can publish your stories in serial form. The first three chapters are always free to read. While I...

Jason is requesting
Register for my social site
I have been working on a social media site for a while and ended up moving it to a new location. I would like several people to register as new users and do something on the site like post or comme...

Bartering services has been a tool that me and some friends have been using for years and it is nice to know the concept is now spreading.
Maria is requesting
Help with WordPress site
I'm looking for someone who is willing to help me with my WordPress sites. Making some edits to content, adding some pages, installing some questionnaires.

Simbi is a great platform where people around the world share skills and knowledge
Liz is requesting
Photo selection and editing
I recently got married in a small elopement ceremony on the beach and the wedding coordinator snapped a few hundred photos on my phone. I am hoping to find a professional to weed through, cherry pi...