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Wilderness Escort and Consultant


20 per hour Virtual OK

Escort you into the Wilderness or Consult you about your Wilderness trip virtually.

I am ready to go with you, anywhere on the planet into the wild. In the Swamps of Louisiana or Florida, Appalachia or Rockies, Forest or Jungle, Tundra or Arctic. Or advise you on, how to find your way in the wilderness, what foods you can eat, how to cook, how to pack, how to put up shelter, how to make a fire, what equipment you need, how to pack them and how to hunt and stalk animals for food.

I can escort you anywhere, just pay transportation, food, Passport and visa fees, housing or boarding fees if they apply and two hundred dollars equipment fee for every week of service. Of course equipment for extreme conditions will cost more and you will have to purchase or provide them.

Virtual Consultations are in Simbi.
Fare schedule for Escort is as follows: a per diem of forty dollars. Twenty-eight miles from services or distances longer hiking than two days will be Seventy-Five dollars per diem. Distances having to be traversed by Helicopter, climbing or extreme conditions start at One Hundred Dollars per diem. Any areas of War Conflict or Civil Unrest require weapons and ammunition and five hundred dollars per diem in advance plus specialized equipment, that you will have to purchase or provide.

I do not mind escorting you in a conflict zone, in the wilderness, under cover, to escort a friend, family member or compatriot or deliver a message or supplies. If there is necessary contact with hostile forces or crossing of areas actively under fire, providing imminent danger this may change the contract although knowing of imminent danger beforehand and not discussing it may constitute a breach of contract.

***Under no Circumstances will I escort someone that wants to Trophy Hunt. I can teach you how to protect yourself from wild animals, hunt and stalk and I will kill and eat edible animals. But under no circumstances will I go anywhere with someone that intends to shoot an animal simply for bragging rights. If you do shoot an animal that is not edible, that is not making a charge or motion to strike, I expect immediate compensation for quick transportation away. Any resultant lawyer fees for suspected accomplice in crime. As well as a breach of contract fee of one thousand dollars.***

Dollar amounts are for values, payment does not have to be in cash.

Training & Qualifications

The son of an Army Special Forces Green Beret that served for 27 years. I Served in the California Conservation Corps where I encountered Bears, Mountain Lions, Coyotes and Wolves. I have wrestled alligators and hugged wild bears and even swam with sharks without a shark suit. I have traveled and spent years of my life in the wilderness, with just a knife, a gun and some grit.

Availability & Preferences

All consultations are by appointment.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Toby

Apr 03, 2017
Toby is patient and very skilled. It was great exchanging with him!
Apr 08, 2022
Thanks Toby.
Paul provided session of Chakra Reading & Balancing for Toby
Mar 18, 2022
Toby was gracious and kind as we spent some time together exploring his life path—past, present & future. I was happy to offer some insights that can... help him navigate his future options. He has my admiration for perseverance and his positive attitudeshow more
Julia provided package of Be a Patron to Traveling Shamans for Toby
Mar 15, 2022
Toby was easy to work with and interesting to talk to.
Inactive User
Inactive User left review for Toby
Jun 09, 2017
Honestly the one and only deal I've ever had a problem with. He wrote, what in my opinion is a very immature and one sided review on me. All the issue...s he mentioned we discussed and agreed was solvable. For those who have seen the review and my job posting, never once have I claimed to be a professional. I'm just a teenage girl who can do silly voices that I thought someone could use. Sadly here this was not the case. I tried, I did not avoid you I simply did not see the message. Perhaps if you had simply sent me another instead of assuming we could have worked it out, anyhow we didn't so I wish you luck in finding someone else to read your smut and hopefully you won't have issues with more
Misti provided Help with Format my Book for Print publishing for Toby
May 11, 2017
Pleasant to work with. Does his best to communicate well and be fair to the other party.
Anzi provided unit of Cosplay and Fabric Help for Toby
May 01, 2017
Toby is very understanding and very good to work with.
Aubrey provided unit of Back Cover Copy Critique for Toby
Apr 27, 2017
Thank you so much for the kind words!
Apr 22, 2017
Thanks Toby, very helpful and accommodating the whole way through ..
Apr 19, 2017
<3 Super interesting and pretty great ideas!! Keep writing!


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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About Toby Nixon

I have a wide variety of Skills and Experiences. From the Spiritual and Parapsychological, Degrees in Science and Technology with an Award Scholarship from the National Science Foundation for excellen...ce in Science and Mathematics, Martial Arts, Hunting and Wilderness/Jungle Survival as well as writing. My father was an Army Special Forces Green Beret for 27 years of his military career. He also trained all Domestic Security over the fifth federal district of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. I Boxed and Wrestled in High School, fought bare fisted in Baton Rouge and have a Justified Homicide number that makes a serial killer's skin crawl. I am sort of an extremely high functioning Autistic, with brain damage before birth, damaging the soft tissue around my left and right temporal and parietal lobes on both sides due to lack of oxygen. I am extremely interested in Magick and Energy, Remote Viewing, Science and Forbidden Archeology. I write, science fiction and horror, but I am able to write things that will make you feel good. I am working on a story about a Child, that will be geared more toward a younger audience; kind of Alice in Wonderland. At nearly 40 and disabled but not totally helpless, I am at a loss for full time work. I have Disabling Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Sixteen pounds of metal reforming my Tibia and knee, rejoining my crucial tendons so I can walk. Astonishingly enough, I can walk without a visible limp. I am a well traveled person, I consider politeness and professionalism to be of the highest priories. I may not be the best dressed person, but I am certainly methodical. I am fairly charitable spending much of my time, pursuing activism, protection of privacy and advocacy of the Homeless. Which is truly a wide variety of skills. Please contact me for any consulting project that may seem in line with my more

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