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Purpose Reading - 30 Mins Over Zoom


20 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Nov 24, 2023

I utilize my expertise and knowledge of the stars to fast-track your personal-development journey with the most scientifically accurate astrology out there. Sit down with me virtually over zoom for 45 mins and we'll uncover what your celestial blue-print says about you. What is your purpose as an individual, as a star seed? And why did your soul ask for this journey? These are the questions we can uncover together.

If you feel you are already connected to purpose - this is still a great way to connect with the Universe to gain validation or to double check to make sure you're on the right path. Many folks have been following an astrology that's been outdated for 2,500 years, and they don't even know it!

There's a difference between purpose and passion / potential / work. Be wary of these differences so you don't have to struggle!

This 45 min session will be a break-down of us warming up to each other for the first 5 mins, diving deep into the correct natal chart for 30 mins, and about 10 mins towards the end for a Q&A. This session will also be recorded for your records, so you can watch it as many times as you need - and also so you don't have to worry about taking notes or trying to memorize everything I'm saying.

Caveat: for the most accurate reading - you'll need to know your exact birth time. We can still do the service without, but it won't be as in depth.

Training & Qualifications

I'm self-taught, mostly, in the field of astrology. I studied for 3 years - having read over 23 books, watched a thousand hours of videos, mentored with 3 master astrologers, visited 3 seminars, listened to 3 podcast, attended a live astrological discussion group, and now I have been a professional practicing astrologer for 3 years.

Availability & Preferences

My availability is very flexible, however, I usually schedule my astrology readings for Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

Trading Preference: I prefer exchanging services

Reviews of Kalond

Jan 24, 2024
Wow, Kalond is very knowledgeable and succinct in his presentation and gave me so much new insight to consider. I highly recommend that you explore offering and expand traditional perspectives in more
Dec 07, 2023
Kalond gave me a new perspective on my chart that I have never seen before! This was such an enlightening session and look forward to future sessions ...with Kalond 💫 If you want to gain some clarity on your purpose or even learn something new about astrology, this Purpose session is for you! show more


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About Kalond Irlanda

Hello, there! My name is Kalond; pronounced Kay-Luh-nD. I'm an award-winning actor with 20 years of professional experience in stage, musicals, and film currently residing in LA. When I'm not on ...set or on stage, I'm also a certified reflexologist, a master astrologer, as well as an avid nerd who loves dogs and food. I'm currently on a mission to create a "New Age Hollywood" - a film industry that gets back to the core of storytelling without the politics and agendas of the movie "biz". Because of this vision for the future, I'm eager and hopeful to collaborate with like-minded artists who also share a dream of building our own industry - particularly in ways that spark meaningful conversations, questions people's beliefs, or gives them emotional validation for an experience they've had but couldn't express before or put into words before. I'm also a strong believer in women's empowerment, so bonus points if you share this passion as well to promote and encourage more feminine leadership. If you want to know more about what I'm looking for: Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, Fight Choreographers, Stunt Coordinators, Set Builders/Designers, Sound Engineers, Visual FX Artists, Special FX Artists, Photographers, Web Designers, Graphic Artists, Video Editors, Writers, Proofreaders who specialize in screenplays, Make-up Artists, Hair Dressers, Costumers who understand color psychology, Lighting Technicians/Designers/Gaffers, Assistant Directors, PAs, Stage Managers, Location Scouts, Foley Artists, Film Financiers or folks who have a head for Fundraising, Social Media Managers, Marketing Whizzes, Storyboard Artists, Massage Therapists, Fitness Trainers, Business Gurus, Props Masters, Cooks/Meal Preps, Skin Maintenance, Holistic Allergy Healers, Vocal Therapists, Spanish Language Teachers, Event Coordinators, etc. What I can offer: acting services, astrology readings and teachings, reflexology sessions, relationship advice, active listening/ confidant, pet-sitting (dogs, cats, bunnies), cleaning, organizing, knowledge about fashion color-work, etc. If you want to know more about me to see if we'd be a good fit: I was born and raised in Colorado, I have a BFA in Music Theatre, I don't smoke, don't drink, don't swear, I believe switching to electric cars will be worse for the environment, I only drink spring water and cold-pressed juices, I only eat organic food with ingredients I can pronounce, I don't have a car - I share one with my beautiful partner of 4 years, Rose (she's English); I am not religious and feel that the dogma of organized religion can ruin true spirituality. I believe in astrology 100%. I'm a Gryffindor, a Stark, a DC fan (Superman is the greatest superhero of all time - I aspire to be him). My favorite animated show is Avatar the Last Airbender while my favorite live-action is the Last Kingdom. My favorite movie is the Lion King and I can quote the entire movie from start to finish. I played sports as a young adult, but I'm not super into sports today (wrestling - 2yrs, hockey - 7yrs). My favorite book is the Count of Monte Cristo. I often live within my own mind and over-analyzing may be the death of me. Most of my natural skills feel very renaissance to me: poetry, performing, archery, and more

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  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Hair styling
  • Style & Fashion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web/Software Development
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  • Language Lessons
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