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AMA Trans Man Edition! 30 min. Zoom


10 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 27, 2021


One of my most favorite things I get to do with my life experience as knowledge, is to help others grow and understand their own selves and their friends and family more. Having grown up identifying as a cisgender woman, and coming to my understanding of my gender identity later in life, I may have some insights on the "not so typical" trans story. Having said that, no one single trans persons story is "typical" in that we might have some shared life experiences, but our internal workings are as different as they are for everyone else. With this life experience, I hope to be able to help someone else understand and grow, no matter what that looks like! I might just plant a seed that I never see blossom, but that's what makes this worth it.

There are a few guidelines I like to set out for these conversations. I am willing to answer 9.5/10 questions, and I have been on the internet long enough that it is Very Hard to offend me. Usually that comes when boundaries are disrespected or disregarded. That being said, there is an attitude and an openness that I expect in these conversations. So, here are some ground rules for my sessions.
1) As long as the question is asked out of curiosity and a manner of desiring education, I will do my best to provide an answer based on my personal experiences.
2) Ask the questions with the words you know already (a. we don't have time to stumble through every question you have, b. then I know where to meet you as far as language and glossary building goes).
3) If you don't know a word I say, stop me and ask me to clarify!
4) If I am not going to answer a question, I will tell you why and how to avoid awkward situations with less patient people in the future.
5) If I use language that needs to be adjusted (i.e. words that are no longer used or have been updated recently by various groups) please tell me! and likewise, I will help you learn the sensitive nature of language around trans identities and people.

If this sounds interesting to you, you need to know more about the community, have someone close to you that is transitioning and want to learn how to support them, or even are a fellow Trans(TM) and just wanna chat, shoot me a message and let's set something up!

Training & Qualifications

I grew up identifying as a straight cis woman, then a bisexual, then a lesbian, then a straight trans dude (ha that didn't last long), to now a queer (for lack of a better word) trans man. I have spent the last 9 years transitioning socially, 7.5 years on testosterone treatments, and have pursued various medical transition steps in that time as well. I have also spent a fair amount of time in seminary and can address some of the religious or spiritual aspects of transition and the trans community as well.

Availability & Preferences

Afternoons and weekends

Trading Preference: I prefer being paid in simbi

Reviews of John

Mar 24, 2021
Closing this small exchange deal with Love. 💚
Mar 01, 2021
John was a pleasure to have virtual coffee with and a pleasure to speak with! I felt supported and I look forward to exchanging services through Simbi... with John in the near future especially since I love, enjoy admiring and appreciate a variety of cross-stitch patterns!show more
Feb 02, 2021
the talk was deep we covered everything ever in existence (0; Would recommend the coffee with a pastor service to other simbians
Dan provided unit of Alef-Bet Kabalah (mysticism) for John
Jan 27, 2021
John is a good Simbian and I hope he finds what he's searching for!
Jan 24, 2021
It was a pleasure meeting and working with John.


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I believe in communities that build relationships and care for each other, and money is fake anyway.

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I believe in communities that build relationships and care for each other, and money is fake anyway.

About John Angermayr

Hello! My name is Matthew John Angermayr, but I go by John and my pronouns are He/Him/His. (I have a cousin Matthew, I'm the oldest boy, but he got the name first, it's a whole thing). I have lots ...of Life Experience(TM) in many areas, as well as a fair amount of schooling under my belt. as for education I have a BA in Theatre, a partial Masters of Divinity, and I am working on a Construction Electrician Associates Degree. Clearly, I have bounced around and learned a lot from my time around the block. I love having conversations and sharing my story with anyone and everyone who wants to listen. Contact me if you're doing any soul searching and have questions, or are questioning your gender or sexuality. Let me know if you need a shoulder to lean on or just an ear to tug. I'm ready and willing to listen, wonder, and ask questions with you. I may not have all the answers but I have some pretty good jokes I guess? show more

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