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Red Pill Pharm's - Rabbit Hole Talk


10 per session - Virtual OK - Posted Jan 08, 2017

If the title made any sense to you then you would probably identify well our potential topics of discussion.

I am a successful 16+ year veteran in the Sovereignty/Freedom Movement. My passion for this service offered is in helping others avoid potential pitfalls and experience more success in their journey towards breaking out of the multi-faceted systems of control (in other words 'The Matrix') and build alliances with those wishing to transition into a better world for humanity.

I am happy to share my experiences and varying levels of success with a multitude of strategies offered by the 'mainstream sovereignty movement'. (Oxymoron I realize)

This tangled web of enslavement of our minds has adversely affected our lives and has put undue strain on many a family, extending to society as a whole. I am dedicated to the success of humanity in breaking free of our mental chains and becoming free not only in mind but manifest in the physical, material world as well.

I have come to realize the dangers of some "solutions" being offered through some very popular leaders through my own experience and the experiences of personal friends and colleagues.

My knowledge ranges within these and around the following topics:

Birth Certificate and ways it works against you
Social Security and how there is no real security to be had with it
Any form of Registration and what it means for you
Contracts and what it means when you sign on the dotted line
Marriage License and why it was never intended for you
Why are there so many wars
Economic Collapse and How that could be the best solution for humanity
What form of law is true law (in my opinion)
What form of Government is the best form of government (in my opinion)
Medical Industry Corruption
And More...

I offer viable solutions for those who want to learn how to become involved at any level.

Your options range from minimal impact to high impact based on you level of knowledge and skill.

If you want to be proactive in creating a better world I can share with you ways to maneuver during the transition period to a better world and defy the system with a non-violent, non-aggression approach.

Each Session includes 30 minutes of conversation about the topics you want to cover. Satisfaction guaranteed or session is free.

Training & Qualifications

16+ year veteran in the study and practice of human freedom and true sovereignty.

Active participant for over a decade in humanitarian efforts.

Personal experience in court rooms and in traffic stops and never been in jail/prison.

(Most of all, I'm an Aquarius for those that understand what that means. Hint: Changing the world for the better is in my blood)

Availability & Preferences

Afternoons and Sundays. Central Time

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Yiskah

Aug 20, 2018
Pleasant to work with. Very understanding, patient and informative. Thank you!!!
Mar 18, 2018
Wow. Yiskah is a really exceptional, strong woman who likes to do her own thinking and who is not afraid to experience the world with her close connec...tion to nature and her body. An example to us all, she leads her tribe with a big heart and great wisdom, that she is willing to share. 💚show more
Feb 17, 2018
Talking to Yiskah was like talking to a long time friend from the first time we met. I'm so glad that Simbi has brought us together.
Mar 11, 2017
Empathic and willful
Thomas left review for Yiskah
Jan 29, 2017
we were in communication, just hadn't nailed down a time to talk. To heck with your rules, we don't need no stinking badges! :)
Jane received Help with Host a Simbi Swap Meet from Yiskah
May 15, 2018
Yiskah has been a longtime Simbi member and supporter! She's taken on leadership roles in her community to share Simbi with her neighbors and friends ...and I look forward to continue working with her! show more
Jane received Help with Attend a Simbi Swap Meet from Yiskah
Jan 18, 2018
Love Yiksah's enthusiasm for growing the Simbi community!
Mar 12, 2017
Prompt, knowledgeable, prepared, kind and good communication. Thanks!
Feb 26, 2017
Thank You Yiskah! Very informative and super helpful!!
Feb 17, 2017
Yiskah has been super helpful in giving me advice and confidence in my birthing choices! I will definitely continue working with her.


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About Yiskah Reid

I'm naturally a very crafty person with a wide variety of interests in many areas from construction to home birthing. I can make just about anything from scratch from breads and ferments to soaps ...and candles. I tan my own rabbit pelts, weave baskets, crochet, knit, sew and make leather moccasins. I love animals, gardening with nature and wholesome living. It is my desire to help spread knowledge to increase the knowledge base of our community for skills and understanding. I look forward to incorporating Trivium/Quadrivium knowledge, artisan crafts and freedom tools for those interested. I believe I have finally discovered an accommodating venue where I can be the artist for others that I truly am at heart. It is a fact that all things are accomplished by people and not by corporations. The moment we realize the fallacies that we have mistaken accepted as facts, will be the moment our minds are set free. It is at that moment we will have unleashed the boundless possibilities to achieve abundance that we members of the human race could ever fathom. This platform provides a means for that awakening process to run it's course in awakening its members because it allows for us to come together without the middleman called money to dictate how we interact or restrict how we function by pure agreement amongst ourselves. This interaction helps to make it easier to grasp the concept of removing money completely which we will soon realize only serves to create scarcity. I'm excited to be part of this (what could easily be referred to as a) grand social experiment with you all. I can't wait to see where it leads. Walk Sacredshow more

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