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Quantum Consciousness Facilitation


25 per session Virtual OK

What Does a Quantum Consciousness Facilitator Do?

“We hold the belief that every person on this planet is magnificent beyond their wildest dreams, awaiting to remember who they really are. We know that everyone has the answers that they already seek. Our role is simply to facilitate a journey, that brings profound healing and amazing exploration through an expanded state of awareness, helping you to find what you truly seek.

A Consciousness Facilitator holds this knowing about their client and through a carefully created journey, takes you to the answers that already exist. Rather than take you deeper into yourself we will free your awareness from your body, bypassing conscious factor filters or blockages, into another vibration that holds the answers. It may feel a little like meditation or what you think an out of body experience is like, though your Facilitator is carefully expanding your awareness.

Let's say you may have an emotional or physical issue you are dealing with. Your Facilitator will move your awareness beyond your body, from there you can look back, sense what is really happening and where the source of the issue truly is. These are part of the techniques of Universal Consciousness, where we don't see trauma, we simply see the body seeking resonance, wanting to be in its natural state. We know the client issue is a 'request for resonance'. You will be asked a number of questions by your Facilitator that draw on the expanded state of wisdom you are in, to provide answers.”
Pete Smith - Creator of Quantum Consciousness

Training & Qualifications

Fully Qualified Quantum Consciousness Facilitator
Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist
* Institute for Quantum Consciousness
* Gordan Smith-Duran

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Jo

May 21, 2023
This was an amazing journey, I gained so much insight and comfort regarding my current situation as well as life patterns. Vey well done. Thank You more
Feb 17, 2023
I recently had the privilege of experiencing a Quantum Consciousness Facilitation session with Jo, and the experience was truly remarkable. Jo expertl...y guided me into an expanded state of awareness, where my mind and subconscious took the lead, guiding me on a profound, mesmerizing, and enlightening journey. During the session, I witnessed a series of visions beyond anything I had ever experienced. I saw objects and expressions reflected through a lake's surface, otherworldly landscapes, and a telepathic reptile spirit that led me to another state of consciousness. I also witnessed the birth of the human race (DNA) and its eventual demise in a tragic scene of a mother racing to save her child, both exploding into wreckage. One of the most incredible moments of the session was when I was taken to what appeared to be the start of the universe, where worlds exploded into existence with layers of out-of-phase echoes and new instances. I also witnessed a skeleton reaching into its own skull to embark on a journey of the mind. At one point, the reptile spirit prompted me to take a leap of faith with my literal heart, but I found myself unable to make the jump, my whole being refusing to try. Jo's guidance throughout the session was insightful and intuitive, helping me explore my own inner wisdom and unconscious connections to my soul. I look forward to my next session and the incredible journey that awaits more
Dec 19, 2022
It was amazing what Jo did for me with her Past Life Regression therapy. I found some answers to long-term emotional and Health issues. It was a profo...und healing experience. Thank you Jo 🙏 God bless. show more
Jun 23, 2022
Jo has a lovely voice and is a joy to work with. She is very skilled at what she offers! Enjoy her as I did!
Jul 03, 2022
I really think Jo has the potential to be a leader in her field. I enjoy working with her on her website and online marketing goals. She’s wicked smar...t and knows what she wants and who she is. Recommend!show more
May 31, 2022
This experience was incredible! Jo is wonderful to work with. Very kind and gentle and very supportive during the experience. The takeaways really ble...w me away. I’m so moved by how beautiful this was!show more
Jun 03, 2022
Jo is beautiful, and exquisite gift to this earth. I had such a beautiful, blissful, transformative session- I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for t...he love and light that you share so generously, you are a vessel of pure light! Shine on ✨⭐️🙏🥰show more
Samer provided package of Basic/Advance NFT Course for Jo
May 08, 2023
It was a really pleasant experience to meet and share ideas about NFTs, Jo is a friendly and interesting person who has amazing ideas that I looking t...o discover more about in the more
Morrighan provided unit of Tarot Reading for Jo
Mar 22, 2023
It was lovely to work with Jo, again. She is very good about communicating her queries.
Ralph provided package of Astrocartography Map Astrology for Jo
Feb 22, 2023


Join the TribeStart with 50 after offering a service.

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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy
Happy to be part of the new earth, connecting with the amazing souls in the Simbi space.

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

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Happy to be part of the new earth, connecting with the amazing souls in the Simbi space.

About Jo C

Hi everyone. I am a Quantum Consciousness Facilitator and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist. I love to help others clear patterns that are painful and on repeat in this lifetime, so they can live th...eir best life. When you experience these sessions you get to experience the truth of how truly magnificent you are, and send a ripple into the collective consciousness of humanity like we have never seen before. You are entering a place of healing and bringing all aspects of yourself into a higher vibration. Please view for more detailed information on this powerful healing modality. I'm into qigong, yin yoga, cooking and hiking. I like messing around with crypto. Always looking to learn more in that crazy space. Will be great if this space ever becomes truly DeFi show more

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