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James is requesting

Social Media/Promotion Assistant


10 for fulfilling my request - Virtual OK - Posted Jun 19, 2018

I'm looking for someone who is interested in doing some promotion work online. I'm developing a Pilot for a TV show and need some help getting the word out. The tasks I have are going to be very simple, and shouldn't take much time. Feel free to message me with any questions or ideas.

Thansk for reading!

Reviews of James

Michael left review for James
Jun 25, 2018
James was excellent but, unfortunately I had to cancel our deal because I was no longer able to provide the service he was seeking.
- provided session of Advise on film or video project for James
Apr 20, 2018
James had many questions and I was only answering one. I shared with him how to plan out his production, and organize his team. Hopefully he’ll ask questions. Just one at a time. show more
Ashley provided Help with Take a quick market research study for James
Feb 08, 2018
Helped with a survey! Very intriguing!
Harmony provided Help with Take a quick market research study for James
Feb 08, 2018
Quick response time from James, quick and easy survey to take. Thanks for doing business with me! (There is some jocular cussing in the survey, so don't take it with an early reader watching.)show more
Jorge provided Help with Take a quick market research study for James
Feb 07, 2018
Hi James I was a pleasure assisting you in this project. Best of luck! Jorge
Tyler provided unit of Custom Music Composition for James
Jul 24, 2017
James was great to work with! He was very patient and gave good criticism.
Kyle provided unit of Logo Design for James
Jul 11, 2017
Pleasure to work with!
Brooks provided unit of Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 ruling for James
Jul 02, 2017
Very fun collaborating with James; chatted with him for a bit for his podcast, which he was a great interviewer for.
Inactive User
Inactive User provided session of Podcast advice and help for James
Jun 29, 2017
Alot of great questions...hopefully got the answers you needed!
Ned provided package of Logo Design for James
Jun 28, 2017
I had a busy month with so many projects, but James was extremely awesome! He was cooperative and considerate. His project was fun!


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James is requesting
Write a Blog post about our Show
Howdy! I'm looking for someone to do a write up about a TV show pilot I'm working on. It's a horror-comedy show set in a post-apocalyptic United States. We're trying to generate some hype, and so I...

About James Snyder

I'm an independent filmmaker and writer. I've written and produced several short films, a couple pilots for shows, and a documentary. I've loved stories for as long as I can remember, and consider... myself a student of story structure. Being an inside kid, I spent a lot of time daydreaming of weird scenarios or far away worlds. I haven't learned how to daydream less, I've just figured out that if you have a particularly cool idea, you can show it to other people, and they're appreciative for it. So, like the trope you always hear on tv or in movies about the kid who bought a radio or toaster and took it apart, just to put it back together again, I was doing the same thing to stories. I love collaborating. Some of my favorite times in my life were when I was working on a project, and handed it off to a room of collaborators for each one of them to leave their mark on it as well. When you show someone else an idea, you pass it through the filter of that person's perspective, they help you tear out the parts that don't work, and then offer the best they have to the story. With each person it improves the thing until it's the best version of that thing. Then when your audience connects to it, they connect to not just you, but everyone who helped along the way. It's beautiful more

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